Un Staff Meeting en el US Digital Service

Van por casi 400 personas en el US Digital Service, dos de ellas de Puerto Rico, miembros del equipo de la antigua Oficina del CIO de Puerto Rico.

Al paso que van, este equipo va a transformar fundamentalmente las operaciones del Gobierno Federal.  Se están montando en un tren a 500 millas por hora y no podemos permitir quedarnos fuera.

La misión del USDS es una que debemos de aspirar a lograr…

Public services so good they were previously unimaginable


Set up in weeks and run at a fraction of today’s cost – 10 times. We expect this in the world of startups.

Ministers can see if their policy is working as intended within days or weeks, not years or decades

Those on the front line can focus their effort on supporting those who need help the most

Fraud is ‘designed out’ and security is ‘baked in’ – defense in security and mitigation – you will be breached

Responsive to feedback in a time frame of days rather than years

Accountability with cristal clear, instant, democratic feedback

Use “just enough” personal data – the citizen should be in control of how and when their data is accessed

There is a dangerous mindset over data – you don’t need to know date of birth, you just need to know if they are above an age

You don’t need to know where they live, just a zone in particular

Minimum viable data instead of sharing and copying data

Open public data is infrastructural and immutable – services use open standards and create open standards

Open standards because we want to drive a competitive market place for things what should be commodity.

Services should gracefully span local, central and other jurisdictions – no silos

Policies and rules as visible as code – 

Everything is available through an API for 3rd party use – that is government as a platform

Y para eso, tenemos que montar la estructura y reclutar el talento para servirle a su país.